Who fits with us

People who are passionate to learn, who don't feel shy from failures. Who rise on each fall & fix what's damage, Who go & get it, don't wait for it. Who survive in tough time & inspire the others to face it. Who love to walk the talk. We are the place for those people & believe that "together we can change the world"


People who can sell not only product but inspirations. People who deliver under tough market conditions. People who care for our customers.

People who don't say " will do it tomorrow"



People who see the future, who plan it in advance & execute it with most effective way.

People who love to plan & wish to be a planner of products. Who anticipate the clock for coming season & make them fall in line with it.



People who don't hesitate to negotiate, don't compromise with quality. People who love to travel & be on product site, to ensure the right product delivered at right time.

People who say "Yes, I wish to add few more products in the basket"



People who count it all, & put all efforts to make things accounted well. People who see numbers in detail & who deliver the right compliance.

People who say "Lets go in details"

We at Texworks, Welcome them to join us.


People who make everyone in organization live like family, give them great care, values & right guidance during the career.

People who can make effective team by motivating them.